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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Retirement Calculator

You have now seen why it is important to plan for your golden years, and more importantly, how you should plan for your retirement.
Now, you need to know how much money you will need to retire in peace. This calculator will help you figure that out.
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Your Age yrs   
Retirement planned at age... yrs 
Life expectancy yrs 
Current Monthly Household Expenditure Rs 
Time to retirement yrs 
Expected inflation per year
Monthly Expenditure – at retirement age Rs 
Annual Expenditure – at retirement age Rs 
Provision for travel, healthcare annual expenditure Rs 
Travel, healthcare will inflate by
Travel, healthcare at time of retirement Rs 
Annual expenditure at retirement Rs 
Post retirement expected inflation
Post retirement life expectancy yrs 
Expected return per annum post retirement
Corpus required at time of retirement Rs
Investments already made for retirement Rs 
Growth expected per annum in the investments
Investments corpus at time of retirement Rs 
Additional Corpus Required Rs 
Per Month Investment Required Rs 

Now you know exactly how much money you need to retire peacefully! The next thing to do is achieve this corpus.

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