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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

She’s Cheating—6 Suspicious Clues to Spot

Researchers at Indiana University conducted a study last June on cheating couples. The results were surprising: 19 percent of woman cheat compared with 23 percent of men—a staggering difference of only 4 percent!
She’s Cheating—6 Suspicious Clues to SpotThe researchers discovered women tend to cheat more out of emotional reasons, while men are more inclined to cheat for the physical act itself. (Remember the old standby excuse, “It didn’t mean anything!”?)
Below are six clues female cheaters revealed from their affairs. Don’t be caught unaware, men. If your gal starts acting strange, search for these tell-tale signs. Oh, and if she has to take her phone out of the room to make secret calls? Duh, we won’t even justify that one with a response.
1. She’s Not in the Mood for Sex
Okay guys, don’t have a heart attack every time your girl isn’t in the mood to get it on. She really just may be tired, distracted, feeling bad, etc. If she’s still showing other signs of intimacy (kissing, hugging, snuggling) you’re fine. If she ducks you every time she comes out of the shower or gets into bed, look out! This may be a long-term problem set become short-term—fast.
2. She Needs “Space”
If she offers a reason why she’s suddenly stonewalling you (stress at work, a parent’s health crisis) it could be a legitimate excuse. But, if she’s ignoring your texts, emails, phone calls and you see constant updates on her Facebook feed excitedly revealing the details of her “new life,” you need get a clue—this girl is so over you and shamelessly avoiding a breakup scene.
3. She Cancels Plans Last Minute
You two have plans to catch a game, dinner and a movie, or meet up at a concert. But, at the last minute she’s a no show (again), bowing out with flimsy excuses, like she needs to wake up early to wash her dog. Instead, she’s probably meeting up with her lover who had a last minute cancellation for her. Affairs thrive on spontaneity, so if your girlfriend can’t stick to a plan, she could be waiting on another.
4. She Starts Taking Her Appearance More Seriously
Suddenly, she’s religiously going to the gym every day, putting on more makeup, trying out new hairstyles, and shopping for different clothes. When women have no one to impress, they generally don’t take hours getting ready before leaving the house. If she strays from her routine for no apparent reason, and brushes off your compliments like they don’t matter to her, they probably don’t!
5. She Accuses You of Cheating
This is a common behavior of projecting guilt off herself and on to you. If she starts to act paranoid and questioning your behavior, there’s something off about hers. She could also be pushing you to cheat to justify her own betrayal. Don’t let her suck you into a back and forth blame game. Look for another signs above to confirm her change in personality.
6. She Has a New BFF
Suddenly, all you’re hearing about is “Sarah,” your wife’s new single gal pal from the office. Sarah is so funny, talented, stylish, and she answers to no one. First off, your wife probably hasn’t gone to hit for the other team. It’s more likely she’s jealous of Sarah’s single life and misses her own (maybe a little too much). Watch this situation closely. If your wife is unhappy at home and your connection with her has weakened, “Sarah” could lead her right into the arms of someone else.

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