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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Get your LIC Policy details by SMS

Do you run around LIC offices to get information about your policies ? If yes, now there is some good news for you , you can get basic information about your LIC policy very easily by SMS. You can get general information like Bonus amount vested till date , details of nominations etc by just send one SMS t0 56677. This is a free service.


where -

Premium – Instalment premium under policy
Revival – If policy is lapsed, Revival amount payable
Bonus – Amount of Bonus vested
Loan – Amount available as Loan
NOM – Details of Nomination


AskLIC 8955940009 NOM

One can also get LIC pension related information by SMS



a) IPP Policy Status, (STAT)
b) Existence Certificate Due, (ECDUE)
c) Last Annuity Released Date, (ANNPD)
d) Annuity Payment thru (CHQ/ECS/NEFT) (PDTHRU)
e) Annuity Amount (AMOUNT)
f) Cheque Return Information (CHQRET)

What is Your Policy Number?

The policy number is consist of nine digits and can be found at the top left hand corner of the schedule of your policy bond.

Did you knew this information ? Kindly share if this worked for your LIC policy

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