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Friday, March 7, 2014

Margin needed to trade on MCX Commodities

There are several products traded in MCX exchange (MCX Trading Platform) and NCDEX Exchange (NCDEX Trading Platform) with different contracts expiry date.
Based on the margin amount required to trade, we classified the following commodities as Mega (Requires huge margin) and Mini (Requires less margin).
With help of this column "Approx Margin in Rupees", you can come to a conclusion about the amount that you can invest to do online trading. When you are trading, margin amount will be different. Please reach your commodity broker for help or should you have any questions, please email us at

Examples of few MCX Commodity Products with Price Quotation, Lot Size, Lot Value and Margin:
Commodity Expiry Last Traded Price Price Quotation Lot Size (Qty) Lot Value in Rupees Margin % Approx Margin in Rupees
Mega Products
GOLD 5-Oct-10 18415 10GRMS 100 1,841,500 4.00% 73,660
SILVER 4-Sep-10 28793 1KGS 30 863,790 5.00% 43,190
ALUMINIUM 31-Aug-10 93.9 1KGS 5000 469,500 5.00% 23,475
LEAD 31-Aug-10 84.3 1KGS 5000 421,500 5.58% 23,520
ZINC 31-Aug-10 84.95 1KGS 5000 424,750 5.71% 24,253
COPPER 31-Aug-10 306.2 1KGS 1000 306,200 5.00% 15,310
NICKEL 30-Sep-10 906.8 1KGS 250 226,700 6.00% 13,602
CRUDEOIL 19-Aug-10 3594 1BBL 100 359,400 5.00% 17,970
NATURALGAS 27-Sep-10 218.7 1mmBtu 1250 273,375 8.90% 24,330
Mini Products
GOLDGUINEA 31-Aug-10 14795 8GRMS 1 14,795 4.00% 592
GOLDM 4-Sep-10 18392 10GRMS 10 183,920 4.00% 7,357
SILVERM 31-Aug-10 28793 1KGS 5 143,965 5.00% 7,198
LEADMINI 31-Aug-10 84.25 1KGS 1000 84,250 5.34% 4,499
ZINCMINI 30-Sep-10 86 1KGS 1000 86,000 5.70% 4,902

Commodity: Name of the Commodity.
Expiry (Contract Expiry): The date on which contract expires. You have to square off your outstanding positions before the expiry date. You will get information from your online trading broker about squaring off your positions before expiry date of the contract through online trading account or phone or email. If you don't get information, please reach them before 10 days before the expiry date and ask them about squaring of your outstanding positions and next step you have to do.
Last Traded Price: The last traded price for that commodity in MCX Trading Platform.
Price Quotation: The UNIT for the commodity.
Lot Size: Lot size set by the MCX exchange.
Lot Value in Rupees: Multiply Lot Size and Last Traded Price and you will get Lot Value in Rupees.
Margin%: It's the % of "Lot Value in Rupees" needed to buy/sell a commodity.
Approximate Margin in Rupees: It's the minimum amount you need to buy/sell a commodity in that contract. For the same commodity (example Gold), Margin amount is not constant and it's always different for each contract Expiry. For the same contract expiry also, it will be different on different trading days based on the price, volatility and contract expiry date.

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