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Saturday, June 22, 2013


govt can pass the resolution. each Indian can sell 100 gram of gold in open market & same amount to be deposit in bank at 3 % interest for 1 OR 2 years & no inquiry for it in income tax or any other department.. ... so per person GOLD & black money will be out up to 2.50 lac, & next year IT INCOME TAX payer will increase automatic, after this the person who is doing job at 8000/10000 per month will also take this advantage & interest rate will come down IT payer also increase in next year, main thing is some thing should start so after that 2nd / 3rd step will be done

Mission GOLD
FIRST POST ON March 18, 2012
3 steps to take India to super power in next 5 years

Step 1:
Each Indian should take oath no fresh investment in gold for 1 year.

Step 2:
Each Indian divert there-
a. Just 5 % to 10 % gold investment in fix deposit like bank / bond/ kisan vikas / post office or any tax free bond ( if full family have 500 gram gold, than…
b. Sell 25 to 50 gram in open market, this will save Dollar & time will come to export gold.

What will be the impact of above two steps?

This will take dollar to 36/38 Rs. & as Dollar down, Indian crude import bill will come down / import in agri commodity rate will come down & as this happen inflation will be 4 TO 5 % & GDP will go up /interest rate will come down as liquidity flow increase in bank , after this India's step toward super power will start & after this step now gold at 28000/10 gram can be 21000 /10 gram (silver speculator can do silver 74000/kg to 45000/kg in 3 days then is this impossible now 100 gram gold sold at 2.80 lac can buy 130/140 gram at same amount as bubble blast) as commodity speculator have catch gold price as world know Indian will sleep with out food but cant sell gold.

Step 3:
Each family or person cut fuel spend (budget) to minimum 5% (example if 1000 Rs. expanse at present should be 950 Rs. from now & try for 900 rs per month) this step is easy & all can follow as we want to see our India as super power & days are not far of "Ramrajya" & milk flow in each Indian river.


DEAR FRIENDS, try to share this to maximum people & also all religion guruji should add in this mission, no one can stop India to be super power, & more then super power, now medium people cant live in this yug due to inflation, now each vegetable at 80 to 200 per kg oil 125 per kg , & we don't wish violence start due to this all. jai hind

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