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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Business Plan of Financial Alternatives

Here is a One Page Business Plan of a Fee-only Financial Planner – Mr. Jim Freeman, Founder, Financial Alternatives based in San Diego, USA. It is good if a Financial Planner/firm develops a crisp and clear business plan which will guide him/her towards establishing a successful practice or take it to the next level. Take a look and get inspired!
Business Plan was prepared in September 2011 with the help of a practice management consultant and based on the article by James Collins in Harvard Business Review
Also don’t forget to check out their new awesome website

Business Plan of Financial Alternatives

Core Values:

• Integrity – client interests always come first
• High productivity and consistently increasing professional knowledge
• Superior listening and incisive questioning skills
• Consistent, outstanding service and attention to detail
• Enjoying work and living a balanced life

Core Purpose:

• To challenge, inspire & empower clients/employees to achieve their lifetime goals
• To support clients during their inevitable life transitions

10-20 Year Goal – Big Harry Audacious Goal:

• Be a top Integrated Wealth Management firm in San Diego
• Be known as one of the best firms to work for in the nation
• $ “XXX” million in annual gross revenue / low overhead / highly profitable
• Clients fly into La Jolla from around the country to work with us
• Highly satisfied clients and employees

5 Year Objectives: Achieved by March 31st 2015

• $ “XXX” in gross revenue
• Equity opportunities for staff
• Involvement in charities, volunteer work
• Technology platform and all internal systems and processes running smoothly
• Marketing generates one new ideal client a month. (boot camp for clients’ kids)
• One booklet/book published and we are giving speeches on a regular basis

12 Month Objectives (Created March 16, 2011):

• Have turnkey process for:
a) ongoing investment management,
b) new asset intake management,
c) new client intake,
d) referrals, acknowledging both the new prospects and the referrer,
e) marketing – creating company advocates, clients and related professionals who believe in what we do and refer to us.
• Have an effective way to share and harness knowledge capital; a wiki or share point where we all contribute to a best practice worksheet
• Website upgrade completed (simplified and re-branded)

90 Day Objectives: Achieve by November 31, 2011

• Complete marketing processes: social networking, paper brochure, SOP for marketing meeting follow up with related professionals and referrals.
• Update new client intake process, MQ, update annual review doc to reflect new binders, create table of contents for the new binder & get one new client.
• Server completed, workstations updated to Windows 7.
• N-tier up and running.
• Get 80% of our CEU’s this period studying our target market’s issues.

Branding/Marketing Exercise to be done

• Define target market
- Executives,
- Retirees,
- Pre-Retirees

• Redo branding as necessary; Theme is “simplicity”
- Define/refine our message (craft best way to impart how we want others to perceive us – three themes)
- Finding/hiring design consultant
- Redo Logo, Color (Name)

• Website redone
- Content first drafts by 4/29; finish by 5/6
- Select designer – two weeks from 3/18
- Yeske type portal how best to do this.
- Hosting provider – two weeks from 3/18
- Search optimization, social networking links
- Friendly to mobile browsers & apple/safari

• Paper brochure
- Content
- Printer

• Financial planning binder

• Pocket folder

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