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Saturday, June 22, 2013

I got this mail persuading to become a LIC Agent :-) Nothing wrong with becoming a LIC Agent... but check the focus of mail. No wonder mis-selling happens when the foundation is like this.
Why I am prompted to mail you is that Life Insurance Professionals are the highest earners in the country and there are 178 people of LIC who earn more than 1 Crore per annum and 68 are earning more than 10 Crores per annum. Incidentally, out of the top 100, 62% of the high earners are from your industry doing insurance business in their spouse's name as a part time or a full time. 9 Agents of LIC are blessed with their own private planes, 188 Professionals own their Audi and 450 Professionals own either BMW or Benz. Roughly 3500 Professionals own their personal offices with around 30 to 40 staffs.

This business is all about educating our fellow human beings on Personal Finance. LIC Professionals are honored as MDRT, COT and TOT. A TOT earns Rs.58 lakhs in the current year and gets a monthly pension of Rs.1,18,000 for the next 20 years or so. A TOT is also eligible for a fully paid advanced finance education trip in US or Canada every year. Also, he is eligible for Rs.50 lakhs housing loan, Rs.30 lakhs car loan and Rs.10 lakhs cash advance.

I suggest you to make use of your contacts say your peers and subordinates and operate in your spouse's name. I promise you that your spouse will become more brilliant than a Chartered Accountant in Personal Finance in few months and be adored at par with monks by our clientele. Mukesh Ambani once quipped that he is so rich only because he makes use of every single contact available to him for mutual benefit and others fall short with their middle class shyness or empty ego.

I promise you of a Professional backing and support throughout this career.

1 comment:

sneha patel said...

Resourceful article! It is better to keep in mind your credit score before you open a joint account with your partner as his delay in repayments can affect your score too.

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