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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Diwali Aarati 2015

Aarati is great ritual in hindu ,which is read to complete pooja. The pooja is incomplete without reading Aarati .Aarati is made of two words , “aa”  and “rati” , “aa” means complete and “rati” means love .Aarati is done with ghee diya,  burning  “kapur” in the pooja thali .Aarti is a magical song which is sung to goddess Lakshmi and lord Ganesha on the festival of Diwali.
ganesha aarati on Diwali

Meaning of ganesha Aarati :

We worship lord ganesha on diwali pooja, all people sing arati to please the lord ganesha and express the love and devotion towords  lord ganesha. All pepole sing aarti in every pooja.

Importance of ganesha aarati on Diwali 2015:

People make their face towords the god or goddess ,when they perform aarati .We concentrate our mind towords the god. We take the pooja thali with  burning kapur or ghee diya and do aarati in round motion the idol of lord ganesha and sing aarti, for the completion of pooja and drive away the evil from the human mind .Reading of aarati offers religious feel to mind , keep away from the tension, aarati brings human mind and soul come closer towards the lord ganesha and darkness removes from human mind and welcome the blessing of lord . It helps in progress of your life.

Lakshmi Aarati on Diwali 2015:

Lakshmi Aarati on Diwali
Lakshmi pooja is great ritual in hindu during pooja .The aarati is performed on the festival of diwali .according to the hindu, people take a thali putting oil or ghee diya , agarbati and start aarati  in round pattern in front the idol of goddess lakshmi , to remove the evil from the house and welcome goddess lakshmi . All people  worship the goddess lakshmi to get good health and wealth. We worshiped lord ganesha with goddess lakshmi. Hindu worship goddess lakshmi in three forms such as the “Mahalakshmi” that means goddess of wealth , the “Mahasaraswati” that means goddess of knowledge  and wisdom, “Mahakali” that means the Kuber,treasure of god.

Saraswati Aarati on Diwali 2015  :

Saraswati Aarati on Diwali
Saraswati is the goddess of Vedas mother, people worship goddess saraswati as  goddess of knowledge ,arts and wisdom. The goddess of saraswati gives knowledge and wisdom to the people which is impossible without worshipping of goddess saraswati . Goddess Saraswati always shown in her picture having the book . She gives the blessing of knowledge and wisdom .White dress ,white lotus and white swan in the picture  indicates the spotless purity and teaches the people to have spotless mind. People do aarati in round after the pooja of  the goddess saraswati to get the full blessing of knowledge and wisdom.

Mahakali aarati on Diwali 2015 :

Mahakali aarati on Diwali

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