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Saturday, January 1, 2011


According to astrology, Jupiter is the main planet of real economic expansion and Saturn is the main planet for economic contraction and recession. Rahu is the planet for economic boom, which are a euphoric stage and a state of overestimation of the economic health, whereas Ketu stands for economic compression and extreme pessimism when stock markets world over get oversold. This is an extreme state of pessimism wherefrom optimism starts its renewed journey for a new bull phase in order to ultimately getting stampede and pasted in the condition of utter bearishness. This rotation is commonly known as economic or business cycle. Year 2011 is ushering with Saturday as the first day of the year. As such, the first trading session of the year would be at 0900 hours on Monday 3rd January 2011 when both the premier Indian Stock Market browsers viz. Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) would commence their trading journey for the English Calendar Year 2011 in the Hora of Jupiter. Jupiter would be transiting his own sign Pisces till May 8, 2011 and then have ingress to sign Aries where it would be transiting throughout the remaining part of the year 2011. Jupiter would get combust from March 24, 2011 to April 21, 2011 for getting closer to the Sun. While in Pisces, it would be aspecting the signs Cancer ruled by Moon, Virgo ruled by Mercury and Scorpio ruled by Mars. From Aries, it would be aspecting signs Leo ruled by Sun, Libra ruled by Venus and Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter himself. The Saturn would be transiting in Virgo till 15th of November 2011 and would be entering into Libra, which is his sign of exaltation and remain there till the year-end. Rahu would be transiting Sagittarius upto June 6, 2011 and then would enter Scorpio and remain there till the remaining part of the year. Similarly, Ketu would have ingress in sign Taurus from June 07, 2011 onwards. Both Scorpio and Taurus are the respective sign of debilitations of Rahu and Ketu.
The first trading of the year 2011 would be commenced in dark half of the lunar phase in Chaturdashi Tithi, which is termed as Rikta Tithi and hence inauspicious. Moon in pungent Moola Nakshtra ruled by Ketu is equally inauspicious. These point towards manipulative and scandalous activities or freak trades in the stock market, which are likely to come into surface, subsequently. However, Muhrat ascendant being in short and dynamic Shravan Nakshtra is not that inauspicious. Mars who is the ascendant lord of the natural zodiac being combust in the 12th house with reference to the ascendant of the Opening Bell Chart (OBC) of the first trading session of the year is also not likely to be going down well for a further bull run with a year horizon. Moon in the 12th house in conjunction with Sun in the Muhrat chart of the first trading session of the year with Rahu afflicting Sun, Moon and Mars may prove to be counterproductive for a significant rise of the major stock market indices of the country. However, the Upachaya houses of the Muhrat chart are occupied by Jupiter (3rd), Ketu (6th), Mercury and Venus (11th) with 10th house being unoccupied. These planetary placements in Upachaya houses would contain downslide in the market. The above astrological factors along with transit of the slow moving planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu points towards mainly a consolidating phase for the Indian stock market during the year 2011. The cues emanating from the last Diwali Muhrat Trading pattern, which is considered as an Annual Trend Indicator for Indian Stock Markets for the period running upto next Diwali Muhrat Trading, is also supportive of a consolidating phase only. The domestic stock markets are, therefore, likely to be traded in a broad range during the year 2011 without any significant increase or decline. There may be some corrections in the Indian browses during the 2nd half of year. However, the following sectors are likely to remain active during the year 2011 because of the interplay of the celestial bodies in the zodiac.

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