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Monday, July 13, 2015

6 Bridal No-Nos: Avoid These Beauty Mistakes Before You Get Married

Preparation is important, especially if you’re a bride. Facials, clean-ups and a new skincare regime not only make you look fabulous but also help you bring out the best in you at your wedding. After all, you do need to look great on that day and everyday afterwards. But there are a few beauty mistakes you should never make before the D-Day. Here’s a handy list to keep in mind.

1. Never use a makeup artist without a trial: Even the best makeup artists can make mistakes. So always try your wedding look beforehand to know how you feel. Is it the right colour? Is it nicely blended? Will it go with my Sabyasachi lehenga? Know everything beforehand.
2. Never wax, thread or shave a day or two before: Doing all of the above might just ruin your skin or make it breakout at the last minute. Sometimes, it’s best to get these done a few days before so you can tackle the redness for a day or two and allow your skin to rest.
6 Bridal No-Nos: Avoid These Beauty Mistakes Before You Get Married
3. Taking care of the face, but neglecting the rest of the body: Most of us actually concentrate on the face and how to look on the big day and ignore the body. Make sure your body gets the maximum attention - use a good oil to keep it hydrated, go for a full body massage and make sure you give it all the love it deserves.
4. Don’t try anything new on the D-day: Violet lipstick, electric blue liner, too much highlighter, lots of fake lashes - don’t try anything new and experimental on the wedding day. It’s too much of a risk because it can or cannot work out.
5. Never do a bikini wax a day before the wedding: The area is sensitive and swells up. A bikini wax can also cause irritation and breakouts down there so avoid it before the big night. Do it at least one week before for best results.
6. Never buy normal makeup: Look for labels like ‘long-lasting’ and ‘waterproof’. Because you’ll be sweating and standing up all day and you need makeup that lasts long and doesn’t ruin under the hot lights.

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